We’ve all seen that person. Some of you probably are that person. 70mph down the highway, bumper to bumper traffic. You look around and 50% if the drivers around you are on their cell phone. I don’t know about you, but that gives me an uneasy feeling. 

Take this morning for example. I’m trying to get on the highway. We have a 2 lane on ramp onto the highway that merges into a one lane ramp that turns into the 3rd lane of the highway.  Something similar to this:

So, I’m in the far right on ramp lane behind a Lincoln Navigator (which is a full size suv) this person is just taking their sweet freaking time. Not getting up to speed, I’m blocked in and can’t get around them. Finally a spot comes open. I pull out and pass them, look over and this lady is not even looking at the road. Face buried in her phone. Now mind you, this is 6:15 in the morning. It’s dark outside. So her face is buried in a bright screen. Instead of watching the damn road! 

I see this everyday. Bumper to bumper, traffic backed up, cars at a dead stop and every other car you look at is on their phone.. come on people! There is nothing so important that you have to put your life and the life of those around you at risk. Eyes on the road! Pay attention to vehicles around you. Know where the vehicles are at, at all times. Especially keep an eye out for motorcycles! If your face is buried in a phone and you look up just to change lanes real quick, there’s always that chance of a bike next to you. YOU HAVE TO PAY ATTENTION! 

Anyways. Rant over for now. Y’all have a great day! It’s Friday!! 🇺🇸


Author: isntitironic2017

I’m just a blue collar, jeep driving, gun shooting, America loving Dad of 4 and husband to a Woman that deserves much better than me! Click my instagram to learn more about me!

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